Mozingo + Wallace and its team of professionals strive to remain current in all aspects of the architecture, engineering, production and presentation technologies. Upgrades to software and hardware are assessed constantly for enhancements, as well as for potential disruptions, in our quest for efficiency and competitiveness.


Attention to detail can make or break any project. The firm recognizes advancements to software expand design possibilities, as well as enhance the detail  and digital coordination of construction documents between disciplines. The use of project management software insures the project will meet design standards and remain within budget and on schedule. Thus work flow is improved and made more efficient.


Current systems and technology being used are:

AutoCad - Version 2016
Revit - Building Information Modeling  -  Version 2016
ArchiOffice Management - Version 2015
3DS Max - Version 2011
Google Sketchup Version 2015
Adobe Creative Suite - Version 2016 - Creative Cloud