Good Design is Good Business

This is the philosophy that has guided Mozingo + Wallace for over 30 years.

Architecture should stimulate and uplift the human spirit. It should inform, entertain, educate, and provide comfort. It must be functional, designed to endure, be respectful of its environment as
well as meet client’s needs and budget. It should reflect a community’s history and culture, bind the present with the past, and incorporate the latest in building and performance technology. In so
doing, that architecture will feed both the mind and body, providing solace within one’s environment.

Good design is best achieved by an experienced and knowledgeable team, committed to the client’s goals. At Mozingo + Wallace, we involve each client in a creative, responsible dialogue to provide design options that improve how we live, work and play. Each project and every client differs;  therefore the ability to listen, comprehend and collaborate is paramount. Understanding client objectives, and then meeting those objectives, ensures a successful project.

There is more to good design than simply producing an attractive building. It is the result of a mutually creative process between the architect and client, delivering a design solution that is
valuable and meaningful. We desire to exceed every client’s aspirations and goals on every project. This effort often means avoiding the path of least resistance, of not settling for the ordinary or easy way! A traditional, one dimensional approach will not always solve a project’s challenges.

To develop a unique identity on a project requires utilizing a multi-dimensional approach incorporating the latest in technology, tools and talents. Sometimes this design process is led by form, other times by function. The firm always considers what the user will experience, and articulates the designs using color, scale and form to insure exciting environments, maintaining the best objectives of our clients.

Good design demands an investment in time, yet does not need to be costly to achieve. Each client’s desired solution can be accomplished through an open-minded process, supported by knowledge, technology, experience and responsible business practices.